Life and Donuts by Pablo Stanley

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I’m glad I’m not hte only one telling life stories with donuts as the subject. holy shit.

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Why a writer?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a lot of different things for no particular reason.  I mean, it usually pertained to my interests and probably a desire to be a part of that thing, but it was always more flight of fancy than any real desire or passion.  But halfway through high school, I finally figured it out.  I wanted to write.

Growing up, I used to constantly make up stories.  Stories about adventures I wish I had or ones I pretended (lied) about having.  When I would play with my friends, pretending to be a part of the A-Team, I would insert whole storylines about getting amnesia and running away, or my GI Joes would have relationships so when they went out and got killed by Cobra, there was some fallout to that.  It probably frustrated my friends to no end now that I think about it.  But, that’s what I enjoyed.

I was never a very good student.  By high school I hated going.  I just wanted to get home and play football or baseball or whatever with my friends (most went to different schools).  But, I had a couple assignments for various classes where I was able to write fiction.  I got to tell the stories I wanted to (or duck a short research essay) and see how people would react to the things I wrote.  And it just sort of clicked.

Years later, I’m living my dream…sort of.  

I don’t think I ever fully envisioned the life of an artist.  Crappy jobs that allowed for time to write.  Perpetually on the verge of being broke.  Watching friends and former classmates get married and have kids and all that.  On the other hand, I have attended conventions all over the US, made friends all over the world, seen my work published (including Image and Dark Horse), visited movie studios, and I’ve even been hired to write a screenplay.  I really feel like I live my life straddling two worlds, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  

Though ditching the part time job for steady writing work would be pretty cool.  


Just another resolution, le sigh…


Just another resolution, le sigh…


Batman & Catwoman by Bill Sienkiewicz



Batman & Catwoman by Bill Sienkiewicz








Good riddance, 2013! Hello 2014!

As you may have gathered from the title, last year was not the best for me.  There were some ups, but a lot of downs as well.  The roller coaster ride that was last year put me in a very different position than where I started from.  

Some of the good included publishing another volume of Outlaw Territory, reconnecting with two different friends from my youth, the birth of my grand nephew Liam (yeah, that is weird to even write), attending conventions (ECCC, SDCC, and WonderCon), landing my first screenplay, having a short film script I wrote go into production (can’t wait to see a cut), being asked to adapt a project for charity, and I started to learn color correcting.  All very cool things in my book.

The bad included a work environment becoming so hostile that the entire management staff (me included) quit.  And then loosing the job I left the last for.  Being unemployed for a little while.  Watching my best friend and his family move out of state.  Getting nowhere with comic editors.  Watching as artist after artist abandoned projects I was involved in (including the charity book).  Gaining weight while unemployed to a point where I felt very unhealthy.  And mostly just watching as my plans went up in smoke as more and more things outside of my control continued to have more and more profound effects on my life.

Now, this is a lot of things, both good and bad.  And even the above lists do not amount to an entire year.  Sure there was other positives and negatives.  I think the above pity party is sufficient in painting a picture of how much my life has been altered in the past twelve months.  So, let’s talk about the next twelve.    

Well, I’m starting off the year employed.  Step in the right direction there.  Also I’m talking to two different people about more writing work (comics and a web series).  Another good sign for my career.  And I am starting my campaign to lose weight and be generally more healthy.  That last one isn’t going to be fun, but I hope the results will make it worth while.  

Now, there are a few things that have become derailed in the past year that are going to stay that way.  That’s life.  Nothing to do there but move on.  But the things I can fix and get back on track…those will have to be a focus for me this year.  

I’ve actually deleted and re-written quite a bit of the blog post.  It seems like a bad idea to even keep in the negative bits I have now.  But, I think I need to be honest here.  A lot has happened and a lot of it sucked.  I’m thankful it wasn’t worse because I know my situation is nothing compared to others.  But I can’t change anything by ignoring it.  

Here’s to the new year.  I hope it’s better than the last.

New Years Resolutions…Already

It’s a little early to be talking about this, I know. But, I thought I’d get a jump on my upcoming personal failures.  So, here we go.

First, I want to loose weight. Boring, classic, and highly likely to fail, I know. So, I think I’ll do video updates every week or twice a week so I can be shamed publicly and held accountable for my habits of diet and exercise.

Second, I want to write another screenplay. I have the bare bones of an idea and I think it could be good. So, as soon as I’m free of my current commitments, I’m going to take a stab at it.

Third, I need to travel somewhere I’ve never been. I’ve been pretty stagnant in my travels these past couple years. The places I did travel to, though great, were all places I’d been before. I need a new adventure. Preferably a cheap one as I am not a rich man.

Finally, I need to get a new book published. Something that isn’t an anthology. I do love anthologies, but they aren’t helping my career at this point. It needs to require more writing and less me putting out fires.

And these are the things I hope to accomplish over 2014. I’ll be more specific the next time I talk about these goals, but for now, I know at least what I’m aiming at.

Wish me luck!

VGX (formerly VGA) awards on Spike TV

So, the awards were yesterday.  I missed it because I was at work, which, of course, makes me uniquely qualified to comment on this.  

Seriously though, I only saw a couple clips online and watched/read some reactions to the show.  Sounds like a bit of a mess was had.  And that really is too bad because video games are really a medium with a massive audience that should get more legitimacy from the mainstream media.  Instead, all we hear is GTA being blamed for criminal activity and Call Of Duty making record numbers in a single day (but not really, I know).    

I’m also not going to talk about the awards themselves.  I didn’t play all the games, but I can say I didn’t agree with all of their winners.  Tastes are subjective, so my opinion is only as important as the next guy.

What I do want to talk about though are some of the trailers they showed because we have some amazing games coming down the pipe.  

The Division

Easily the game I’m most excited about right now.  Watching this trailer really drove home why I own a next gen console.  It is stunning.  The graphics and details.  Lighting.  Just…everything about this.  Freaking fantastic!  

If you haven’t seen the trailer, click the title above (I’ll do that with each game) or just click here and be amazed. 

Tomb Raider

I’ve never been a huge fan of Tomb Raider, but that last one looked fantastic!  And this new one…oh, it looks even better.  I don’t know how true to the original this latest game is, but it’s definitely grabbing my interest.  I’ll have to give it a go.  


This trailer didn’t show us too much new stuff, but I am still chomping at the bit for this one.  CAN’T WAIT!

Quantum Break

This game looks interesting.  It’s that same feeling I get from WatchDogs where I’m not sure if this is going to be great or just frustrating and not for me.  But, for now, color me intrigued.  


This is the one game that makes me regret switching to PlayStation this generation.  And the new titans they debuted makes it even tougher.  

Man, everything about this game screams YES!  Maybe I’ll need to pick-up a used 360 when that drops.  We’ll see.


I never played the previous versions of the game, but this looks very good.  Hopefully the gameplay is just as solid.  

Telltale dropped two new trailers for their upcoming Borderlands and Game Of Thrones games.  I haven’t played Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us yet, so I’m not sure how excited to be about either announcement, but I hear great things and will be checking out at least one of their games.  

There were also a few other games that dropped trailers, but outside of South Park and the games mentioned above, nothing else really grabbed my interest.  But that’s just me and my tastes.  Let me know what you saw and enjoyed.

Video compilation of people doing awesome, crazy stuff.  Enjoy!